Duct Cleaning

We use our powerful vacuum truck to suction dust, construction debris and pretty much anything else that might be stuck in your ducts.

We also open and clean your hot and cold air returns, this will improve the air flow through your home.

Our equipment uses over 20000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and we'll help the suction by blowing down each vent with 400 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Cleaning your air ducts helps reduce Asthma, Allergies, Heating Costs, and Dusty Homes amongst other benefits.


The sanitizing process will disinfect your air ducts by killing over 99% of Viruses, Bacteria, Mold & Fungal Spores & Mycobacteria.

Sanitizing you air ducts will also reduces the chances of contracting and the symptoms of Allergies, the Flu,

Pneumonia and others viruses and respiratory problems.

We use the safest and non-toxic products in the market to ensure our customers are safe.

We only use botanical and biodegradable disinfectants for our duct sanitizing.

Furnace Cleaning

Cleaning your furnace will increase air flow, furnace efficiency and a clean burning flame.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

This will make your dryer work more efficiently, therefore, drying clothes better and faster.

Dryer and dryer vent cleaning is recommended by the fire department to prevent fires.


It can be a safety Hazard: As many as 16,000 fires start in the laundry room every year when lint from clothes dryers builds up and catches fire.

Those fires result in up to 19 deaths per year.

A/C Coil Cleaning

Cleaning a dirty A/C Coil will improve air flow and prevent damage to the entire A/C unit.

Bathroom And Kitchen Exhaust Fans

These fans will often breakdown do to dust or grease build up.

To prevent this, have them cleaned every time you have your ducts cleaned.

Something you should know - Access Holes

Unless your ducts have been cleaned before, we will have to cut a minimum of two 6-7 inch holes to the main ducts for our 8 inch vacuum hose to connect to. We will also make as many as needed 1 inch holes to clean the main ducts.

This is included in the duct cleaning service.

The bigger holes will be covered with a screwed on metal plate with a gasket seal to prevent any air leaks.

The 1 Inch holes are plugged with a tight seal plastic plug.

These holes can later be used again for future duct cleaning.

New Winter Special

Call anytime before the month of December to schedule your duct cleaning and receive $20 off any additional service on the same visit.


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